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"Reveal your beauty through our tailor-made natural blends with mineral energy " 

Aesthetic facial drainage

Set of soft and relaxing maneuvering which refine the facial features to deflate bags and to clarify the complexion.

1 session // 40 min

45 €

Good effect: 1 session / week

Long-term effect: 2 to 3 session / week

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Galvanic Spa

Preserves the youth of your face by fighting against aging at its source. 

Patented technique with the Galvanic current allowing to diffuse 7 times better the actives mind than the hand. Instant result.

Shine // 30 min

40 €

Intense treatment // 45 min

50 €

Treatment 8 sessions

340 €

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La Perla Nera

Detoxifying treatment with activated carbon and extract of Edelweiss Switzerland. The ultimate detox treatment - your skin is tired, dull, asphyxiated?  This treatment softens the marks of the time, the face regains a new freshness and all its splendor.

Express // 30 min

45 €

Complete // 45 min

55 €

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Belle Nigelle

This very aromatic, nourishing and regenerating oil has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It brings softness and supplenesss and soothes irritated skin.

Belle Nigelle // 1h

65 €

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Anti-ageing with extract of ganoderm, the most powerful antioxidant that exists in the world - a fungus with extraordinary medicinal properties.

Forever // 1h

69 €

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Jade Lift

Passive stimulation of facial muscles. Natural technique associated with Jade Stone for a toning result.

Jade lift // 1h

69 €

Treatment of 3 weeks (3 sessions) -10%

186 €

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Gym lift

Facial gymnastics and facial strength training by a natural anti-wrinkle facelift. Give your face renewed youth by learning the right exercises.

3 sessions // 3x1h

150 €

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White perfection

Réparer la protection naturelle de votre visage grâce aux actifs puissants afin d'unifier le teint , régénérer la production de collagène pour un résultat de douceur extrème.


79 €


Raffermissant profond grâce à l'infrarouge dynamisé par l'air pulsé

20 à 30 min

59 € à 70 €


Un moyen efficace d'estomper,  voire corriger les plus gros complexes du visage : acné, taches, teint terne, pore dilatés,...

50 min

110 €